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Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is the HOTTEST game in town right now! Bubble Soccer is not really about the game of soccer so you donít have to be a great soccer player to participate. Itís kind of like Bumper Cars where you donít have to be a great driver to participate. It is more about bumping into each other and less about soccer. Bubble Soccer is not only great exercise, but also a hilarious way to have fun. People watching will have almost as much fun as the players.

Be the talk of the town with a bubble soccer birthday party. We have great birthday packages that you can choose from. Visit our Party Package page for additional information or call us at 847-546-7000.

On certain school holidays, when students have the day off, we will occasionally offer bubble soccer. Visit our Schedule page for available open play times. Everyone must complete a waiver to participate in Bubble Soccer. CLICK HERE to complete it now, or use one of our tablets when you come in. Parents must complete it for any minors.

Have more questions about Bubble Soccer? Click HERE to go to our Bubble Soccer FAQ page.


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