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Bubble Soccer FAQ's


Is there a height/weight requirement?

  • Yes, we require players to be 4'6" to 6’2”. This is purely for safety reasons. However, different body types outside of this range may be able to fit. Just ask us. Smaller kids may still fit but might not be able to play some of the games. Our biggest concern with taller people is that your head does not stick out the top of the bubble which could result in neck injuries. Before play begins we will oversee everyone get into the bubble balls, adjust their straps, and ensure they are fitted properly for their size.

  • There is no weight limit but the inner diameter of the balls is 55”. Generally people 250 pounds and less fit the best.


How many people can play at a time?

  • We play with a max of 14 bubble balls at a time.


Where are you located?

  • Our facility is located at 720 E Grand Ave, Fox Lake, IL inside of our roller rink. We can also bring the fun to you! Contact us for more information.


Who can play?

  • Virtually anyone can have a blast playing Bubble Soccer! No athletic experience or ability is needed. There are a couple of physical restrictions though:

  • Those with prior heart or back conditions or women who are pregnant will not be able to play unless you consult with your physician first.

  • Any health issue restricting you from physical activity should not participate. Examples: Asthma, wearing a cast, splint or boot.

  • If you are claustrophobic, you probably do not want to play.

  • The bubble balls weigh approximately 17 pounds. You must be physically able to hold up that weight.


What should I wear?

  • You must wear athletic shoes to play. No dark/black soles that can scuff the floor. NO BOOTS.

  • Comfortable shorts or pants. A regular T-shirt that covers your back and shoulders. You do not want to wear a sweatshirt as it does get hot when running around in the bubble balls.

  • Knee pads are recommended, but not required.

  • If you regularly wear glasses, you need to either wear contacts or wear goggles over your glasses. Loose glasses are not allowed as they will most certainly break.


What can I not wear?

  • No sharp objects at all.

  • No belts, earrings, watches, or other jewelry. We do have lockers and bins for you to store your belongings.

  • Please do not wear hair barrettes, clips or bobby pins.

  • No eye glasses unless you have soft goggles to cover them.


Do you have insurance?

  • Yes, we are fully insured.


Is it safe?

  • Yes! You are completely encased from head to thigh in a bubble of air that will protect you from falls and bounces. There are shoulder straps inside the bubble suits to keep you inside the bubble even if you go head over heels.


Do I need to sign a waiver?

  • Yes, you do. As with any athletic sport, there is a risk of physical injury when playing bubble soccer. We will give you some instruction on what not to do, but you are responsible for playing safely. For minors, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver. How long do games last? We rotate games and players every 5 minutes. You can rotate back in as often as time permits.


Do you clean your bubble soccer balls?

  • Like any gym equipment, we'll provide a cleaner so you can clean your ball after the game. We also clean and sanitize all of the equipment on a regular basis.


What about corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor parties and other events?

  • Yes, we do parties and events. Please contact us for more information.


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